Wrecked Again

Songs by Ian McCalman

Wrecked Again

© Ian McCalman MCPS/PRS

"High Ground" (1997 Greentrax CDTRAX138)
"Hard Night's Day" (MACS 004)
"McCalman Singular" (Greentrax CDTRAX269)

Oh, No! I'm wrecked again
Take me away from the pain and the suffering,
Oh, No! I'm wrecked again,
And I'll go to the pub no more oh

I had one drink, then only one more,
I finished with three, and then I had four,
There's no point in lying, I've had it, I'm dying,
I really don't care any m-o-r-e

I can't stand up, my head is too sore,
I'd like to lie down, but I'd fall off the floor,
I'm sweating and cold and I'm ill and I'm old,
And I'd go, but I can't find the door
(he can't find the door)

Did I have a good time?
Was the killer the whisky, the beer or the wine?
Did I step out of line?
Yes I stepped out of line
I must have been out of my mind

Goodbye cruel world, ring the last bell,
One evening in Heaven, next morning in Hell,
I'm spinning round bravely, there's nothing can save me
Adieu, Goodbye fare thee well