The Lying Truth

Songs by Ian McCalman

The Lying Truth

© Ian McCalman MCPS/PRS

"Scots Abroad" (2006 Greentrax CDTRAX 300)

They have their own truth
They ask us to believe
Their own truth
They set out to deceive
With well-chosen words
And well-crafted lies
It's the lying truth
I despise

They have their own God
I respect their happy day,
Their true God
Let the faithful pray
But their truth says,
All the others live in sin
Let the Holy wars begin

They have their own dreams
They'll go the extra mile
Obscene dreams
A sacrifice worthwhile
Invasion and torture
Their truth is marching on
They say it's for freedom, but
They're wrong

They have their own friends
I meet them everywhere
If you don't fit in
You had best beware
They say this country's going down
And you are to blame
They know where you live and
They know your name

They tell their own lies
They dress them up and then
With their own lies
They fool us all again
They ask me to believe
But, I must decline
The only truth
Is mine