The Highland Road

Songs by Ian McCalman

The Highland Road

© Ian McCalman MCPS/PRS

"Peace and Plenty" (1986 Greentrax CT TRAX 002)
"Festival Lights" (1997 Greentrax CDTRAX 097)

I will go to the highlands tomorrow
I'll wander this land
and I'll take the old road to the sea
I will go to the highlands tomorrow
Just me

I'm heading north, the wind at my back
Strathyre, Loch Earn and on to Killin
Rannoch then all the way down to Glen Coe
Three sisters watching me, watching me go

I'll travel by night by the light of the moon
I'll follow the rivers, the glens and the shore
Over the hills, by Moidart's Loch Shiel
I'll rest by Glenfinnan then northward once more

There's a new road ahead don't look back
Run for your life, don't take any more
Nothing can stop me, I've made up my mind
But I've tried it before. I've tried it before

Was there ever a land with such beauty to share
Horizon of promises distant and wild
The bothy at Culags then through to the sea
And the Torredon Mountains for me