Sidmouth Folk Festival Blues

Songs by Ian McCalman

Sidmouth Folk Festival Blues

© Ian McCalman MCPS/PRS

"Ancestral Manoeuvres" (1983 MACS 003)
"McCalman Singular" (Greentrax CDTRAX269)

Well I woke up this morning,
that's the way I start my day
I popped some "Hermecetas",
had a fix of "Special K"
Packed my Larry Adler mouth harp,
bio rhythms riding high
I was goin' to Sidmouth folk fest,
where old teachers go to die
I tried to sing my songs,
but they wouldn't let me sing the blues

I ain't a man to let those
sleeping dogs grow under my feet
A man raised on the blues
is a man who can't be beat
There were guys with ribbons & bells,
dancing round and round
Going round in circles
has always got me down
I'd nothing more to lose
'cos they wouldn't let me sing the blues

Went to a shanty workshop,
now sea-songs ain't my scene
There was heavy duty drinkin'
and the floor began to lean
I heard "heel ya hos" and "haul aways"
and "doodle let me goes"
And Scotsmen harmonising,
now that gets up my nose
They just kept on and on,
but they wouldn't let me sing the blues

So come all you 12 bar bluesers,
if you want to sing your song
Don't take your band to Sidmouth
'cos you won't be staying long
You'11 hear l-o-n-g songs
by people just alive
And duelling concertinas
trying to murder Chieftains five
Play anything you choose,
but never try to sing the blues