Songs by Ian McCalman


© Ian McCalman MCPS/PRS

"Ancestral Manoeuvres" (1983 (MACS 003)
"McCalman Singular" (Greentrax CDTRAX269)

Here's to another time
of harmony and simple rhyme
When new friends and old combine
to share our country's story
Cold winter's past and gone
summer days are stretching long
And oh that I were staying on
but she is gently calling

Scotland I hear your name
in every cry of bitter pain
Oh freedoms call has been the game
that you have played so bravely

Remember now the hills of snow
and heather moors where rivers flow
The ancient thistle there did grow
till southern winds came blowing
England the sovereign might
reluctant neighbours bitter fights
And marriage vows devoid of rights
to stop the blood from flowing

And now the bloody battle's o'er
the union flag's within our door
The lion sleeps when once it roared
the kingdom is united
Warm summers past and gone
a chilling wind is blowing strong
The nights are hard and oh so long,
another winterís coming