No More Sailing

Songs by Ian McCalman

No More Sailing

© Ian McCalman (pseudonym Lex. D. Hall) MCPS/PRS

Silver Sands on the horizon
Pull away we're homeward bound
Where the gulls wheel above us
But the wind makes no sound
There the harbour in the distance
And I've dreamed of this day
For I'll love no other
And here I will stay

No more sailing
Never more to foreign lands
For my love's a-waiting
By yon silver sands
Of Morar

And I'll never leave those high hills again

When the first snows of winter
Lay on the ben
I gave my promise
To come back again
But the winds were so cruel
And the seas were so high
And oft times we thought boys
That here we would die

Fare ye well to my companions
May we meet again
Every hour brings us nearer
To my journey's end
Now the sun sets behind me
As its light bathes the shore
I'll sing of Scotland
And wander no more