Cancel Marie's Wedding

Songs by Ian McCalman

Cancel Marie's Wedding

© Ian McCalman MCPS/PRS

"High Ground" (1997 Greentrax CDTRAX138)

Her father died the land was sold
Marie tried to keep a hold
Scottish 1aw and foreign gold
Cancel Marie's wedding

Sell we gaily on we go
Down at heel so we must blow
Hills and Islands row on row
Al1 for the sake of money

All you need for stream and
Deutschmark, Guilder Franc or Yen
Then sell it on again
For the sake of money

Buy a castle buy a glen
Sitting tenants "no prob-lem"
Highland clearances again
For the lack of money

Plenty fish to fill the creels
Plenty agents fixing deals
Lawyers dancing jigs and reels
All for the sake of money

Other countries you will find
It's forbidden, never mind
Here's our land for auld lang syne
All it takes is money

You think you're safe, you spoke too soon
They've seen the film they've hummed the tune
"Braveheart" meets "Brigadoon"
Al1 for the sake of money