Archive Photos

Alex Campbell and Ian McCalman singing
Alex Campbell and Ian concentrating on the front row. Can't guess why!
performers at Inverness Festival
Connolly, Rafferty, Fureys, Bain, Tawney, Henderson etc with The Macs in Inverness
panoramic view of Bute
360 panorama of Moor Road on Bute ... spot the joins.
a party at Ian McCalman's
No bodhrans or banjos
Derek Moffat wearing shorts and clogs
Derek in Safari clogs
Gold disc presentation
Gold disc presentation by Ian Green with an impressed Nick
sandwich board by the roadside
Hi-tech publicity for a Highland Tour gig in Plockton
The original McCalmans
nighttime view across Edinburgh
Edinburgh at Christmas ... magic
The McCalmans clowning around
Irvine, 1970s
Ian McCalman and his dog
Ian and the dug on Bute
The McCalmans in the 1980s
Ian and Ellen
Ian and his wife, Ellen on top of Ben Lawers
the McCalmans in the 1960s
Old posers
sitting in the sunshine
Old hippies
Pete Seeger with Ian McCalman
With a hero, Pete Seeger
Stephen Quigg using a mobile phone
Stephen phoning his lawyer in another attempt to buy himself out
Stephen Quigg holding a speaker stand
Stephen still not quite mastering which way up the stands go
Ian standing on a box
You're never too big for television
McCalmans in the Waverley Bar